Why are the Winklevoss twins so interested in Bitcoin?

Do you remember the Winklevoss twins?

According to Crypto Slice News they invested in Bitcoin and in this article we take a look at what might be driving their interest.

The investment begins

However, the Winklevoss twins were soon back in the Bitcoin game with the launch of Winkdex — a financial index that tracks the price of Bitcoin. With the volatility of the value of Bitcoin, often fuelled by investor speculation, an index such as this does provide some useful insights — the index uses data from seven different exchanges (weighted by volume) to provide price updates.

What do they hope to achieve?

They are predicting that the market capitalisation of Bitcoin could quickly reach $400 billion, with the potential to become as valuable and solid as a gold-like asset class, possibly reaching a market capitalisation of over $1 trillion.

It’s clear that the twins have a lot to gain if Bitcoin does become a sustainable, digital, virtual, cryptocurrency.

Building the infrastructure

The future of Bitcoin remains uncertain and fascinating to observe. It’s clear that the Winklevoss twins are clearly going to be major players to keep an eye on as the game of creating an international cryptocurrency unfolds.



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