5 Tips for Broke College Students

Cut expenses-

The best way to cut expenses is to cut at least a little from several categories:

Ditch the credit card-

There are two problems with credit cards: 1) you’re likely to spend more by using them, and 2) the bill that comes next month, plus interest!

Keep yourself busy-

When we’re bored we look for activities to fill the hours and provide some distraction. That usually involves spending money! The more down time we have, the more we’re likely to spend.

Find a part time job-

Don’t just find a job, but one that will either compliment your course schedule or help you prepare for life after college.

  1. Getting a job with the college itself
  2. Tutoring other students in subjects where you’re strong
  3. Writing blog posts for websites where you have an interest
  4. A weekends-only job off campus that will keep your weekdays free for school work

Go part time for a semester or snag some financial aid-

Sometimes the answer to your money problems is to take a temporary breather. By cutting your school schedule back to part time for a semester or two you’ll free up your time to work maybe even full time to save money that can make the balance of your time in school easier to handle.



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